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How to use Web 2.0 Indexer ?

Just sign up for an account and login then go to home page and purchase a membership plan. We accept only PayPal payments. Upon completing your payment,you will instantly receive a number of credits for your purchase! One credit is equal to one URL. You can upgrade or downgrade from one membership to another at any time.

Is it safe to use ?

All the methods used in our service are 100% Whitehat following Google guidelines. We only use techniques that Google not only recommends, but is urging webmasters to be used! It is in our interest to offer a safe quality service because we are also using our Indexer to index our backlinks. We have sites and we want to rank higher too.

Why is indexing important?

Typical quality links get indexed at around 9% naturally. That means 91% of the link building effort you’re putting in gets wasted. All that effort, all those links, time, and money, for nothing. An indexed link is worth more than an unindexed one. Indexed links will boost your rankings in Google much faster and safer than unindexed links.

Why use Web 2.0 Indexer ?

We have several years of experience in SEO world and we learned pretty much about indexing. We tested other indexing services and learned from their failures. Thats why we created our own system which we believe is more effective. As an SEO, you need to be smart and use whatever tools you can to improve the quality of backlinks.

How to use this service properly ?

A large number of links indexed in short time can be harmfull for your website. That's why we advise you to use the drip feed function when you submit large quantity of links . You can schedule your links for up to 30 days ahead. You should avoid indexing ultra-spammy links. There is no benefit to force Google to index a harmful link.

Do I have to install any software on my computer?

No. Our service is entirely web-based, you just sign up / login and submit your links. You can use your API Key if you want to submit the backlinks through third-party software (GSA , Senuke , etc)

How long do I have to wait to see my links indexed ?

Please allow at least 7 days before checking your indexing rate. A quality indexing process takes time these days. The first results can be seen after 48 hours , while the final results can be seen after 30 days.

My link was not indexed what is the reason?

Here are some reasons why the links are not indexed : duplicate content , too many external links, domains are flagged by Google , 404 HTTP errors , the crawling robots are blocked . If you're not seeing a high indexing rate , it's always due to the links themselves that are being added. Also , make sure you are checking indexing correctly.

Are there any contracts or commitments?

No. All of our plans are monthly subscription plans which can be canceled anytime. Each upgrade/downgrade of your plan is considered a separate paypal subscription.

How do i cancel my subscription ?

You can cancel your subscription by loging into paypal and going to Settings - Payments - Preapproved Payments . You can check out this video for more assistance.

If I cancel my subscription will my links remain indexed?

Yes , once Google indexes your backlinks we no longer have any control over them. It's up to them if they would keep your links in their index database or throw it out.

Can i integrate your indexing service in my software ?

We accept any third-party software integrations. If you are a software developer and you want to integrate our service in your software don't hesitate to contact us.

We compiled the following FAQ's to help you find answers to your questions quickly and conveniently. Please contact us for any other questions.