iconWho we are

We are a team of SEO geeks with a background in helping customers achieve the first page of Google. We have been building links for years, and we are up to date with everything happening in SEO. We are different from the competition. Our indexing service is 90% based on linkbuilding.

How Our System Works

We can't reveal how the whole system operates. However, to have an idea of what is happening with your links we are going to explain you in a nutshell. Your links are posted on a private blog network of authority blogs (DA 10-30). Since these sites are frequently updated with original content, they are often crawled by Google and other search engines. Our system creates 1-3 dofollow backlinks for each of your URLs. So WEB 2.0 INDEXER has its own in-house tiered link building system. People are spending hundreds of dollars purchasing links from private blog networks. You can take advantage of this feature for FREE. We are constantly performing research and analysis to improve our service, and we do our best to bring Google to all your links!

Types of links you can submit

Here are some kind of links that you can index through our Service : any page of your own Websites , blog Network Links , web 2.0s, Articles, Wikis, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments, Forum Profiles, document, etc . Search engines look for two criteria when evaluating your links : content and quality. Not all links are good links.It is important to know that some links are more valuable than others and some are even considered bad. If you have too many of the exact same link, with the exact same words, then this could look unnatural for Search Engines. Google pays a lot of attention to how 'natural' your link signals are.As we know profile links are most easy to create. Many SEO's are building thousands of profile backlinks but only few of them get indexed by google. You know why because they do not add much description in them, they just put their URL and finish. So in order to index such links you have to add a Bio ( 5-10 sentences ) and fill as much data as you can in your profile page. Also, your backlinks will have a much higher chance of being indexed if the content is unique. The search engines will consider the content of the Backlink's page to determine the relevance of the inbound links . Feel free to check out our blog posts for the latest case studies, seo tips and other useful information. If you have read our FAQ's and still need answers, feel free to contact us.

Our reasonable membership plans, quick response times, high indexing rates and positive attitude to clients put us in front of our competition.
We can tell you things , but you don't have to believe us. Just try and see for yourself. We stand behind our service with confidence !