iconThe importance of indexing process for high rankings

It doesn't matter how much you spend on creating backlinks, if you don't get them indexed, you are wasting a lot of money. So only getting links back to your site is not enough if they are not indexed. Matt Cutts said that having a site with a large number of indexed pages doesn’t automatically result in a higher ranking. However, he points out that a site with a large number of indexed pages gives you more opportunities to rank for specific search queries. This is where SEO makes the difference .

The same principles apply for backlinks. Some backlinks will carry more weight in terms of SEO. The method you are using to make Google discover your backlinks can be a decisive factor when going after top ranking. Google pays a lot of attention to how 'natural' your link signals are. This doesn't just apply to the anchor links you use but also to how Google takes notice of your backlinks. Some people belive that simply pinging their backlinks will place them in Google's index. That's totally wrong. Pinging backlinks might not just fail to get your hard-earned backlinks indexed but might even cause harm to your site if you are not careful. Other people think that submitting their links to Google Console will increase their value. This is a wrong assumption. It's true that after submission, their links can be indexed almost immediately , but this technique won't give them any extra link juice. Furthermore , overusing this technique will most likely raise red flags with Google.

The 3 Best Methods to Get Your Backlinks Indexed :

Tiered link building. It’s the process of building multiple tiers of links to a target link. The first tier can be started on a site you own, or on another relevant site that you do not. You then start working to bring attention to that site and from that site to your backlinks. The tactic and strategy is to build an authority in your niche. Passing contextual link authority is the primary goal of tiered linking . At the moment , and probably for the near future , PBN links are the most quality tiers you can build.

Web 2.0 properties . Placing your backlinks on a web 2.0 page is a good strategy, but there is one minor issue: the new web 2.0s have a page authority of ZERO. If you take this route you have two options: either you need to use aged web 2.0s or you need to build tier links to them. You can buy aged Web 2.0 sites or you can use an indexing service based on high authority web 2.0 sites. This is a great ranking strategy for the individual site webmaster, or small business owner who has a small SEO budget.

Social Signals. Posting your backlinks on Social Profiles can potentially prompt the search engines to crawl and index them. The first step is to ensure you have an established account with a decent number of followers and fans. Several case studies over the past years have demonstrated the impact of social media on SERPs. Social signals will not only help index your links, but they will also improve their trust as well.

We tested all indexing services and all indexing methods so we can honestly say that we know which technique is the right one to maximize the quality of our backlinks. A backlink that is indexed through natural crawling have more value. And if that backlink is placed on a high authority site, not just that it will get indexed quicker but it will also boost your site's rankings.

Google will crawl most sites at some point without the site owner really doing anything. But if you want to make the search engine's life a little easier, you should implement an indexing strategy that will supercharge the power of your backlinks so they help your site rank.