iconCase Study: The effectiveness of our Indexing System

In this small case study we tested the effectiveness of our indexing service with different backlinks: web 2.0 , articles, wiki and profiles. For each type, we created 3 separate sets of backlinks. For set 1 and set 2 we filled the backlinks pages with unique, high-quality content. For set 3 we used low quality duplicate content. Domain Authority (range from 50-100). All sets of backlinks were submitted to our indexer, with no dripfeed. As we expected, the best results have been obtained with quality content (in terms of keyword density and uniqueness). For checking the number of indexed links, we used the check indexed function of Scrapebox software. The overall indexing rate jumped to 79.5% after just one day. The indexing rate dropped after 3 days. This seems to be a general problem encountered with any other indexing method. After 7 days, the indexing rate came back to normal and continued to increase for a period of 15 days. We noticed that the profiles are a little bit harder to be indexed, however, we obtained an indexing rate of 71% for them, after just one 1 day. As you can see from this videos :

Here is a quick summary of the results after 15 days looking at the total % of links indexed. The date we conducted this test was September 2016.

We believe that the results are very impressive. We're not claiming that we have the best indexing service, but from our tests , we achieved the best indexing score. If you're tired of fighting the latest Google updates, use our service to maximize the power of your backlinks and shoot to page 1 of the Google SERPs.